Day 3 on the Road
Written by Julian Lopez-Morillas   
Friday, 17 August 2012 05:16

    Three days now since we left Edinburgh on our Highland/Island jaunt. First of all, I have to say that our final performance went really well, and we had our biggest house by far for it-- maybe an audience of about 25; so it feels as though we ended on a high note. Most of the Universal Arts staff attended one of the last three performances, and they were lavish in their praise of the show; so that did something to redeem our frustration with some of the very small houses earlier. Michael and Jeffra and Jannie and I had a farewell supper at a nice little bistro and than we attended a folk concert by the Scottish activist singer Dick Gaughan, whom Jannie and I greatly admire.

    Then, Tuesday morning, I drove Mike and Jeffra out to the airport to catch their flight to Dublin, where they'll be for a week before moving on to see some shows in London ( Henry V at Shakespeare's Globe, possibly War Horse if they can get tickets). I was glad to bid goodbye at last to Edinburgh's traffic and road closures...

    I should also mention that the morning of our last full day (Monday). I was inspired to climb Arthur's Seat, the high tor at the eastern end of the city. Fairly strenuous, but I managed it in under an hour. Marvelous views even though it was a little hazy; inspiring to be able to look down on the Palace of Holyrood House and even the Castle:


    Jannie and I set out before noon and by mid-afternoon we were on Loch Lomond, quite near where my family stayed on our trip to Britain in 1957:  


    Then Wednesday we toured the Kilmartin Vally in Argyll, which has a rich assortment of standing stones, chambered cairns and henges dating back 5000 years:


    And that night brought us to the charming port of Oban, the departure point for many of the ferries that run out to the Inner and Outer Hebrides, where we've stayed two nights. The weather has cooperated for the most part, though it's pouring down as I write this Friday morning. Well, as Jannie remarked, ideal conditions for visiting Glen Coe today!