Show's Open
Written by Julian Lopez-Morillas   
Monday, 06 August 2012 07:57

 First off, some snaps from the wild scene on the Royal Mile:



    We’re into regular performances now, and I’m feeling quite comfortable with the show, though the houses continue to be disappointing. We’re hoping for improvements from word-of-mouth, and there’s plenty of room for improvement… I’m going to hit the Royal Mile outside the Fringe box office today and hand out a bunch more flyers. Yesterday’s rain didn’t help, especially as our theatre is not in one of the hotbeds of activity like the Pleasance or Gilded Balloon which are already swarming with crowds; people have to seek us out. We have another showery day today, probably, and then a stretch of dry weather coming up through the weekend.

    We’ve been getting out to see more shows, and now some music events as well.  Jannie and I took in an indifferent version of Anouilh’s Antigone, and Michael and Jeffra an amateurish Beatles musical, Mod, both high school productions. On the more positive side: there’s a play about a famous Syrian bear, Wojtek, playing upstairs from us, which only Jannie has seen as she’s the only one not involved in the running of the show, and it plays in the same time slot as us. He’s something of a local legend—ended his life in the Edinburgh zoo, after service as an ammunition carrier in World war II (!) and she says it’s a terrific production. Then last night we saw a terrific Scottish band, Breabach, with two pipers and a gorgeous blonde fiddler, who also sang in Gaelic and occasionally popped out in front to do some spirited step-dancing.  

    Yesterday’s highlight was a side trip on a boat out of Queensferry (the “Maid of the Forth”) out under the iconic Forth Railway Bridge to Inchcolm Island out in the estuary, where there’s an abbey founded in the twelfth century. Beautiful location, extensive and very complete ruins of the monastic community—cloister, chapter house, refectory, kitchens, and a church that they kept expanding and elaborating up nto the 1400’s. We shared the boat with a group of Italian high-schoolers from Florence and their chaperone, which added to the festivity. Here’s the abbey as you first see it from the landing stage:

    Today Jannie leaves for her three-day side trip to Yorkshire, to visit her ancestral village—she’ll do a post about it after she returns-- and the rest of us are going to see Mike McShane’s show, Mon Droit, at the Pleasance Courtyard. Looking forward to that, as I haven’t seen him perform in years.